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Rabro & Sturdy Products cc. was established in 1947 at premises in Ellis Park,
Johannesburg and commenced the manufacture of fluorescent luminaires in the early 1950’s.

The present owners took over the business in 1987 and in 1988 expanded the operations to
include the manufacture of ballasts, and established CJM Choke and Ballast Manufacturers cc.
In 1992 the business moved to its present premises in Industria.

The growth of the company continued and in 1995 an additional manufacturing
facility was opened in Lea Glen, Johannesburg West.


In the early days Rabro & Sturdy was recognised as a company that mainly produced fluorescent channels.
However, over the years the variety of fittings has expanded to the extent that we now also manufacture a
complete range of fluorescent luminaires, together with high bays, low bays, bulkheads and floodlights from our CJM division.
A superior quality of weatherproof fittings is imported. Our Development department continuously strives to introduce
new products and to meet individual customer designs and specifications, and with the recent introduction of electronic
control gear
into South Africa we are now in a position to offer this latest technology with LED components and can
also supply emergency gear for both electronic and magnetic chokes.




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